Saint Joseph is a figure of the Gospels in the Holy Bible. He was from the royal lineage of King David yet SIMPLE. According to the Holy Scripture, Joseph was a JUST man. He was INNOCENT and PURE, as he was chosen to be the husband of Mary. He was GENTLE and TENDER, as one worthy to be named the foster father of Jesus. He was FAITHFUL and OBEDIENT to divine calls. He was a man of FAITH and PRAYER. He had a strong BELIEF that God loved him and cared for him. He believed that God communicated to him through dreams. The Gospels describe Joseph as a "tekton"; meaning "carpenter" or "an artisan with wood in general, or an artisan in iron or stone". Hence St. Joseph was SKILLFUL and HARDWORKING. He was a man WILLING TO TAKE RISKS. He took the risk of standing by Mary despite the odds he had to face. He was COMPASSIONATE and CARING. He cared for Mary and for Jesus.
St. Joseph is often referred to as a MAN OF SILENCE AND VIRTUE - a man whose silence speaks louder than words. Above all, St. Joseph was a MAN OF FAITH AND HARDWORK.
It is for these virtues, the Institution has taken St. Joseph to be its Patron; to guide us as we endeavor to form men and women for others. The Motto - 'Fide Et Labore' meaning 'Faith and Toil' refl ects the spirit of St. Joseph.

St. Joseph, Renowned offspring of David, Spouse of the Mother of God, chaste guardian of the Virgin, Foster Father of the Son of God, Diligent protector of Christ, Joseph most just and Joseph most faithful. Pray for us.